Pune: Traffic Gridlock Grips NIBM Road as Motorists Ignore Rules, Residents Demand Action

Pune Residents Suffer As PMC's Sloppy Planning Triggers Traffic Chaos In NIBM-Mohammadwadi
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Pune, 4th June 2023: A massive traffic jam on NIBM Road caused widespread frustration and inconvenience for hundreds of residents on Friday evening. The chaotic situation was not only a result of poor road design and infrastructure but also the lack of road discipline displayed by motorists.


During the gridlock that lasted for over two hours, many motorists disregarded traffic norms in their desperation to reach their destinations quickly. Vehicles occupied every available space, leaving no room for smooth traffic flow. Commuters were left stranded and distressed, with their journeys taking much longer than usual.


Sunil Koloti, a local resident, expressed his exasperation at the ordeal he faced while navigating the congested road. From Pune Cantonment to Lulla Nagar and from Wanawadi to NIBM Junction, Koloti encountered blockages at every turn. The situation was exacerbated by the complete lack of movement on the road.


Emergency services were also affected, as an ambulance found itself caught in the traffic jam. It was only through the efforts of locals that the ambulance was able to find a way out. Even police officials, who were en route to other locations, found themselves stuck in the snarl-up.


While the police authorities made earnest attempts to manage the situation, residents voiced their disappointment with the Pune Municipal Corporation’s (PMC) failure to address their concerns. They highlighted the urgent need to widen the road from NIBM Road to Mohamadwadi, which experiences heavy traffic. The installation of a central divider was also suggested to regulate vehicle flow and improve safety.