Pune Traffic Police Halts Bribery: Constable Suspended Following Sting Operation

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Pune, 12th December 2023: In a recent development, the Pune Traffic Police Department took swift action, suspending a traffic constable over allegations of soliciting a bribe from a motorist.

The incident surfaced after a complaint filed by Dhanashree Salunke, detailing an encounter with Constable Sangram Laxman Pawar at Nal Stop Chowk. Pawar allegedly demanded more than the prescribed fine of Rs 500 from Salunke, who didn’t possess the cash at hand. The constable directed her to make a UPI payment of Rs 500 to an ice cream shop nearby and collect the equivalent amount in cash. However, the shop owner added an extra Rs 20, citing an ambiguous government tax, which Salunke complied with, totaling Rs 520 paid via UPI.

Promptly addressing the issue, the Traffic Department conducted a preliminary inquiry into the matter and suspended Constable Pawar. This incident has cast doubt on the integrity of the police force, prompting the department to take stringent action against such misconduct.

The department issued a statement expressing concerns over attempts by individuals, including Akshay Jain, a youth Congress worker, who are allegedly tarnishing the police’s image by carrying out continuous sting operations targeting traffic branch employees. Additionally, there are speculations of old and irrelevant videos being used to defame the police force.

To counter any misinformation and animosity towards the traffic police, they clarified that the official government bank account QR code for traffic fines remains within the issued challan machines carried by officers. They also urged citizens not to scan QR codes from other sources.

Further insights from the department revealed that eight police officers within the Pune traffic branch were suspended in the past year due to misconduct, abuse of power, and misbehavior. A total of more than 25 officers faced administrative penalties, with over 50 officers immediately suspended in response to various complaints.