Pune: Two Young Women Making Space For Many Artists Through EdTech

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Pune, 17th July 2021: Janhavi Patel and Hitakshi Kathuria, both 20-year-old students from Pune have recently launched their e-learning website (www.thatcosmos.com) through which they aim to connect artists from different genres to the ones who choose to learn a particular skill.

They call their venture COSMOS, something that is never-ending and believes that age is not a bar to learning. Their idea of providing workshops and private classes across genres came from the very need to polish and grow skills during this era. A platform where you can learn and teach everything from dance, singing and calligraphy to sketching, advanced excel and digital marketing.

Janhavi Patel, Founder says, “COSMOS with its ultimate goals and expected services desires to benefit Artists and Learners (the curious ones!). We are talking skills and talent here, so no wonder what you could discover, something that keeps your toes on earth and head in the sky, fills you up with feel-good hormones, and warms up your heart. So we say, we absolutely can be an answer to what new should I explore today?”

“We all have a skill, for some, it needs to be polished and for others, it is something they can monetise. We are thrilled to have some amazing people on board and are looking forward to meeting the undiscovered talented artists. We are curious young women trying to make a difference”, said Hitakshi Kathuria, Co-founder.

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