Symbiosis Organizes a Global Conference- “Changing the World: Community, Science and Engagement with Big History”

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Pune, 31 July 2021:  Symbiosis School for Liberal Arts, Symbiosis International (Deemed University) Pune, in collaboration with The International Big History Association, the Asian Big History Association, and the Indian Association for Big History organizing a global conference from 1st to 4th August 2021.

The theme of the conference focuses on ‘Changing the World.’ It is a timely event, as the world struggles with the Covid Pandemic, Climate Crisis, Financial Collapse, and many other extreme situations affecting us all.

Symbiosis School for Liberal Arts (SSLA) is home to the India Association for Big History, which formed in 2016. Two years later, the first university course in Big History in South Asia began at SSLA. Today, the course is taught as Humanity and Big History: Our Challenge for Survival and is a required course for all third-year students.

The presenters and audience come from all walks of life, from all around the world – scholars, students, community activists, authors – many well known in Indian households, and many who should be known. Among the featured presenters are Lewis Dartnell (London), Priyadarshini Karve (Pune) and Hirofumi Katayama (Tokyo), who do not just discuss how we got to our present state of crisis, but ways forward and out of it.

There is something for everyone, with illustrated panels on the topics of the amazing fossil heritage of the Himalayas, mesmerizing readings by Indian authors, thought-provoking new directions for humans – from yoga to robots, the challenges of water access, the search for alien life in the galaxy, tribal rights, farming, gender issues, new ways of envisioning the world – all capped with a creative event on Wednesday afternoon of Indian and global artists and musicians.

This is a unique conference, not just as to its content, but it is a virtual / digital online event of participants worldwide. It will run 24 hours a day, for 4 days, so that presenters and the audience will always have an active venue to attend as the Earth travels around the sun!

Attached is the Poster of the Conference for your reference. Kindly check the attachment.

It is run on the Bangalore-based Airmeet conference platform, so registration is required to enter the event.

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