Pune University Disqualifies Over 1,000 Students Found Involved In Malpractices During Online Exams

Pune university SPPU
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Pune, 27th September 2021: All the students who misbehaved in the first and second semester exams have been found guilty and they have been fined Rs 1,000 and disqualified for the entire semester. This information was given by Dr Mahesh Kakade, Director of Examinations and Evaluation Department, Savitribai Phule Pune University (SPPU).


After the examinations of both semesters, the marks of the students who misbehaved were stamped with unfair means. Such students were presented before a committee. At the end of the questioning, 350 students of the first semester and 761 students of the second semester were found guilty.


Dr Kakade explained that the evidence of student malpractice is available as it was an online examination. Therefore, by verifying the evidence, it was possible to take action against the concerned students as per the rules.


In the month of April-May, the university used a proctored method during the online examination of the semester. Students had to take exams by turning on the front camera of mobiles, laptops, tablets. The audio was also recorded. It was alerted if another window was opened in the mobile, the internet was turned off or suspicious movements were made.


According to Dr Kakade, the malpractices of such students were caught only after thorough verification. The students were called before the unfair means committee to present their case. The evidence was placed before the students. The students also had an opportunity to prove their innocence by giving their version. However, the examination department had strong evidence and all the students have been found guilty.