Pune University Final Year Students Marked Absent, Given Zero Even After Taking Online Exams

Pune University
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Mehab Qureshi

Pune, November 13, 2020: The struggle of Savitribai Phule Pune University (SPPU) students do not seem to end. Despite facing technical glitches during the course of online examination, SPPU pupils have now claimed that many of them have been marked absent or scored poorly even after attempting the online test.

Students took it to social media to express their grievances against SPPU results. Many students claimed that in spite of giving the exam, their results show ‘AA’ which means that they were not present for that particular paper.

An engineering student who scored only six marks said, “The result displays only 6 marks for the subject fluid mechanics, these marks aren’t acceptable in any situation because I have answered every question very sincerely and correctly. The problem which I think happened was that initially I logged in for the paper from the mobile but could answer around ten questions only. After logging in from the laptop I could see that the questions I had answered from the mobile were saved, so I completed the test from the laptop. However, looking at the Marks, I suspect that data from the laptop wasn’t saved; hence I could secure only six marks.”

Another student said, “I attempted all the questions and studied religiously for the test. However, I scored 0 marks, this is impossible.”

Many students of Poona College of Arts, Science and Commerce have also claimed that they were shown absent even after attempting the paper. “Most students are failing the results as they are marked absent, while some of them are showing zero marks or fewer marks even after completing the paper. Many students are facing various difficulties. It is expected of the university administration that they should pay serious attention to this and take firm steps to take appropriate action”, Kamalakar Shete, founder of SPPU student Union wing, told Punekarnews.in

When contacted, Mahesh Kakade, director, SPPU’s Examination and Evaluation, said, “I am not informed about this. However, I will look into this matter.”

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