Pune: Uttarakhand Resident Dies in Drowning Mishap at Lonavala’s Tungarli Dam

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Lonavala, 9th February 2024″ On Monday evening, February 5, an incident unfolded at Tungarli Dam as a young man lost his life due to drowning. Abhishek Singh Rawat, a 23-year-old resident of Uttarakhand, succumbed to the waters of the dam while on an outing with his friends.

Abhishek, accompanied by his friends Govind Singh Trilok Singh Mahar, Akhilesh Singh Virender Singh, and Ramesh Singh Balak Singh Koshiyari, all hailing from Uttarakhand, ventured out for a stroll at Tungarli Dam around 4 pm. Abhishek ventured into the water for a swim, only to encounter an unforeseen danger that led to his drowning.

Upon receiving notification of the incident, the Shivdurg Mitra Lonavala Rescue Team swiftly mobilized, joining forces with the Lonavala Police to initiate search and rescue operations. Despite exhaustive efforts throughout the night, the search was suspended until the following morning. The search resumed the next day, February 6, at dawn. Abhishek’s lifeless body was discovered at eleven o’clock in the morning.