Pune: Vasant More’s Low-Key Campaign Style Contrasts Mahayuti’s Flamboyant Approach

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Pune, 20th April 2024: Vasant More, formerly associated with the Maharashtra Navnirman Sena, opted to contest the Lok Sabha elections under the banner of the Vanchit Bahujan Aghadi. Despite his prominent presence in both traditional and social media, he quietly submitted his candidacy at the Collector’s office last Friday, surprising many. More’s departure from the MNS stemmed from internal party issues highlighted by local office-bearers, prompting his pursuit of candidacy elsewhere.

Initially seeking nomination from the Congress within the Mahavikas Aghadi, his efforts were fruitless after discussions with prominent figures like Sharad Pawar and Sanjay Raut failed. Turning to the Maratha community for support, More engaged in discussions with community leader Manoj Jarange Patil before eventually securing backing from the Vanchit Bahuj Vikas Aghadi, led by Adv Prakash Ambedkar.

Following the announcement of his candidacy, More swiftly initiated his campaign activities, contrasting the flamboyant approach of his opponent, Mahayuti candidate Muralidhar Mohol. Despite Mohol’s elaborate campaign promises, including specific plans such as dining on regional delicacies and visiting local landmarks, More chose a more subdued approach, quietly submitting his application at the collector’s office.

The affidavit accompanying More’s candidacy revealed details of his assets and liabilities. His holdings include multiple vehicles, substantial amounts of gold and silver, as well as agricultural and commercial properties across the Pune district.

His accompanying affidavit unveiled a significant array of assets, including numerous vehicles, gold, and silver. The collective assets of More and his family tally up to a substantial sum of Rs 4 crore 16 lakh 67 thousand 364. However, offsetting this wealth are debts amounting to 3 crore 49 lakh 23 thousand 439 rupees, with additional liabilities for his wife and son. More’s educational background extends to completing his studies up to the 12th grade, yet his record also includes involvement in seven legal cases.

In terms of transportation, More possesses a diverse fleet, including cars such as the Toyota Innova, Audi, and Ambassador, along with six two-wheelers including a Royal Enfield Bullet motorcycle and a truck. Moreover, he holds 70 grams of gold, while his wife possesses 270 grams.

Additionally, More holds agricultural lands across several areas within the Pune district, including Ambavane, Chinchale, Bopgaon, Hirpodi, Shindawane, Waru, and Kasurdi. His affidavit further mentions ownership of a commercial plot and a residential flat in Katraj.