Pune: Train Overcrowded Amid LS Elections, Women and Children Struggle For Toilet Access In AC3: Video!

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Sumit Singh

Pune, 20th April 2024: In a troubling scenario unfolding in the Pune to Danapur train service, passengers are grappling with severe overcrowding, raising concerns about comfort and safety. Despite the introduction of additional trains by Pune railway division to accommodate the surge in demand during the election season, many travelers are facing hardships.

Passenger Yogesh Jha expressed his dismay over the conditions in the 3AC coach, stating, “Decades after gaining independence, we are still struggling with basic amenities. Women and children are unable to access toilets, highlighting a systemic failure that needs immediate attention.”


Is this an AC coach or a goods coach? My relative’s PNR number is 886400917 on train number 12149. They are traveling from Pune to Danapur with their two children. The AC coaches are completely packed. How is it possible for someone with a confirmed berth to travel under these conditions? Jata Chaudhary mentioned this, and the video was posted on April 11th.

The elections have intensified the usual rush, with political parties booking bulk tickets and ferrying supporters to their hometowns to vote, further straining the railway services. Rajiv Shukla, another traveler, voiced his concerns about the chaos in the AC compartments, worrying that the situation might be even worse in sleeper classes.

Officials from Pune division told Punekar News, “Pune railway division has initiated approximately 488 additional trips to manage the increased flow of passengers, with 246 originating from Pune.”


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Despite these efforts, the services have been inadequate in dealing with the overpopulation in trains, exacerbated by unauthorized entries into reserved coaches, leading to chaotic scenes and safety concerns.