Pune: Verbal Altercation in Wagholi Society Over Barking Dogs Leads to Police Case

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Wagholi, 10th February 2024: A dispute unfolded in the upscale Panchshil Towers housing society in Wagholi around 8 pm on February 5, sparked by a dog barking incident.

The victim, a 37-year-old woman recognized for her work in caring for stray dogs and employed as a gaming app developer, faced verbal abuse from a fellow resident. The accused, identified as Rohit Belera, a 37-year-old hotelier residing in Wagholi, now faces a case registered at the Lonikand police station. Both the complainant and accused are residents of the same housing society.

The complainant, originally from Bangalore and residing in Pune for the past few years, along with her husband, is actively involved in activities like feeding, neutering, and vaccinating stray dogs, as well as caring for disabled canines. On the other hand, Rohit, the accused, is a hotelier and a pet owner himself, residing in a separate wing of the society.

The incident unfolded when the complainant crossed the society’s parking lot on February 5. Rohit, accompanied by his two dogs, encountered other dogs within the premises, leading to barking. In response, the accused verbally abused the complainant in English, triggering a confrontation. The altercation escalated with further verbal abuse and lewd comments from Rohit, as alleged by the complainant. She also claimed that she was threatened during the incident.

Speaking about the ordeal, the complainant stated, “The accused verbally abused me due to the barking of my dogs. A complaint has been lodged at the Lonikand police station.”

Senior Police Inspector Vishwajit Kaingde of Lonikand police station commented on the broader context, saying, “Around 12 people feed stray dogs on the society premises. However, occasional complaints of stray dog bites and arguments among residents have been reported. Efforts have been made to resolve such disputes within the society on such occasions. The altercation between the complainant and the accused arose from the frustration over the issue of stray dogs. A case has been registered against the accused for making obscene remarks against the woman.”