Pune: Video Circulates of Hyena Near  Pride World City, Caution Urged Amongst Residents

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Sumit Singh

Pune, 8th January 2023: In Lohegaon near Pride World City, Pune, residents are on high alert as a hyena was spotted on the road. Housing societies are advising residents to avoid early morning or nighttime walks. A video of the hyena is circulating within society groups.

Society from Pride World City has shared a Notice:

Verified video shows a hyena sighted in PWC. Shared across groups, we’re taking swift action for everyone’s safety. Coordinating with local authorities. Be extra cautious during walks & outside. Children must be supervised. Stay safe!

Society members said we received this video yesterday evening. The video surfaced showing the hyena traversing the footpath and road from Pride World City towards Dy Patil College, causing concern among society members. “We have informed the forest department regarding this unusual sighting. However, the hyena disappeared without a trace later on”, said Sushil Pathak, Chairman, Kingsbury CHSL, Pride World City.

Within a 100-meter radius, there lies a college campus alongside a residential area, adding to the anxiety of the local populace.