Pune: Viral Video Sparks Outrage As Policemen Accused of Assaulting Warkaris in Alandi

Pune: Viral Video Sparks Outrage As Policemen Accused of Assaulting Warkaris in Alandi
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Alandi, 12th June 2023: Tensions flared during the departure of Sant Shrestha Dnyaneshwar Mauli’s palanquin yesterday as a group of youths clashed with the police outside the temple, leading to a heated political discourse.


The incident has gained widespread attention after a video capturing the alleged beating of individuals by the police went viral on social media.


Vishal Raosaheb Patil, a Warkari pilgrim from Jalgaon district, claimed that twenty policemen assaulted four people, and he demanded an explanation as to why they were targeted.


During the palanquin departure, a group of youths unexpectedly breached the barricades and charged towards the police stationed outside the temple premises. In response, the police employed batons to restrain them, resulting in a confrontation between the Warkaris and police personnel. The police attempted to control the situation and move the protestors aside. However, Vishal Patil, a young Warkari, accused the police of subjecting some Warkaris to solitary confinement and physical abuse.


Patil expressed his discontent, stating that they had always been allowed to participate in the departure ceremony in the past. However, this year, they were suddenly denied entry. He claimed that he and three other students were brutally beaten by a group of twenty policemen. Patil further questioned the motive behind the police’s actions and called for them to provide an explanation.


The allegations made by Vishal have sparked concerns about the use of force by the police and the potential ramifications of such incidents.