Pune: Vulgar And Obscene Language Displayed On Digital Boards

Boobs written displayed in Pune
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Kondhwa, 12th February 2023: When they noticed vulgar language being flashed on the digital billboards set up in Fakhri Hills chowk in Kondhwa, the locals there were horrified.

Sainath Babar, the president of the Maharashtra Navnirman Sena (MNS) in Pune, first made the social media post regarding the objectionable content that were being posted on the board and causing a great deal of commotion among the locals.


This afternoon, it was also observed that a similar digital display board outside Salunkhe Vihar Road was showing such offensive language. The Kondhwa police station was informed of the situation right away.

Locals claimed that such LED billboards upset people when they are displayed in public places.