Pune: Weather department forecasts pre-monsoon rains

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Pune, May 29, 2020: Due to the dry weather conditions, the temperature in the state and Pune has been declining, and there are signs of pre-monsoon rains again. The Indian Meteorological Department (IMD), Pune, has forecast heavy rains in the city in late May and early June. There will be generally cloudy sky towards afternoon, thundery activity, lighting, likely from May 30 onwards.

After a severe heat wave from Rajasthan to central India, very hot winds came to Maharashtra from there. The result was a severe heat wave in most parts of the state, including Vidarbha. Though still in Vidarbha, it has become milder in other parts. The maximum temperature in central Maharashtra and Pune had also increased during this period. Between May 23 and 25, temperatures in the city hovered around 40 degrees Celsius and beyond.

The temperature has dropped by about three degrees over the past three days. The city is currently partly cloudy during the afternoon. Monsoon winds are currently blowing from the Andaman Sea. A low pressure area is expected to form in the Arabian Sea from May 31. This area is expected to intensify by June 4. This will result in the presence of rains in different parts of the state. According to the IMD, Pune is also likely to receive showers with gusty wind.

According to the forecast given by Pune Observatory, the sky will be partly cloudy in Pune city and surrounding areas till May 29 in the afternoon. On the afternoon of May 30, the sky will be generally cloudy with thunder and lightning. This will be followed by light to moderate rains from 31st May. Thunderstorms and gusty wind are expected from May 31 to June 3.