Pune: Wife Orchestrates Husband’s Murder Over His Remarriage Plans

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Akurdi, 16th December 2023: A man planning to remarry met a tragic end after being brutally attacked by his wife and hired assailants in Akurdi, Pimpri-Chinchwad. Mithailal Barud, the victim, succumbed to his injuries on Friday afternoon after a prolonged battle for life in a private hospital.

The police have arrested Mithailal’s wife, Ratna Barud, along with the hired attackers, Aman Pujari and Shivam Dubey. Authorities have now indicated that murder charges will be added in this gruesome crime.

The couple, Mithailal and Ratna Barud, shared a complex family dynamic with eight daughters, one of whom passed away a few months ago. Mithailal’s desire for a second marriage to secure a male heir strained the relationship, leading to mental and physical torture against Ratna, who was the mother of all daughters. In November, Ratna hatched a plan to eliminate her husband, enlisting the help of criminals Aman and Shivam, who lived in same area.

She reportedly paid Rs two lakh to Aman and Shivam to carry out the gruesome act, with the transaction completed on November 30. Seizing the opportune moment on December 7 around 9:00 PM, Ratna informed the attackers that Mithailal was asleep and she went out for a walk. In a brutal assault, Shivam and Aman attacked Mithailal with sharp weapons, delivering 20 to 21 blows. Despite sustaining severe injuries, Mithailal survived the initial assault and underwent treatment in a private hospital.

The police, actively investigating the case, nabbed Aman and Shivam, leading to the revelation of Ratna’s involvement in the crime. All three accused are now in custody.

Meanwhile, Mithailal’s condition deteriorated, and he succumbed to his injuries on Friday afternoon, prompting the Nigdi police to include murder charges.

The family dispute has left the seven surviving daughters of the Barud couple orphaned, as their mother is in jail, and now their father has met a tragic end.