Mehab Qureshi
Pune, October 3, 2020: When Sangeeta Pandhare (51) from Yavat in Daund taluka of Pune district was brought to Jumbo Hospital located at College of Engineering Pune (COEP) ground, her condition was so deteriorated that neither doctors nor her family knew whether she will survive or not, informed Rubal Agarwal, Additional Municipal Commissioner, who is the Executive Head of the Jumbo facility.

Pandhare was immediately admitted on an oxygenated bed for 10 days starting from August 31. However, her difficulty in breathing deepened and the doctors had to shift her to the Intensive Care Unit (ICU) where she was kept on a ventilator for eight days. “While all hopes were lost as people in this case usually succumb in 3-5 days, doctors kept trying and did not give up on her. Pandhare too fought bravely, and she started healing slowly and steadily,” Agarwal told

Finally, twenty days later, her condition improved. “She was then transferred in the general ward and was kept on oxygen again. When she was discharged on October 1, patients were shocked”, said Agarwal.

Pandhare won the battle after 31 days of struggle. During her discharge, everyone greeted her with applause. The family also thanked all the doctors and the administration at the Jumbo COVID Center. “When I asked the patient how she was doing, she thanked all of us,” the additional commissioner said.

Meanwhile, 500 patients have been discharged from the Jumbo hospital till date. “Doctors are working hard, and on Thursday as many as ten patients were discharged. We are working 24×7 to provide the best treatment. The positive responses of patients are also being recorded,” she added. “Diet plans have been changed, we are giving less food, but the number of meals has increased. Dry fruits are given, and regular exercise programs are also planned for the patients,” said Agarwal.