Pune: Woman Killed Over Broken Marriage Promise in Alandi; Suspect Arrested

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Alandi, 21st April 2024: In Alandi on Saturday (20th April) morning a woman lost her life after being struck by a stone on her head. The motive behind this act appears to stem from a broken promise of marriage. Dnyaneshwar Gajanan Ingale, aged 31 and a resident of Alandi Devachi with roots in Washim, stands accused in this case. The identity of the victim remains undisclosed at present, with Police Constable Dnyaneshwar Ghule having complained to the Dighi Police Station.


Senior Police Inspector Vijay Damal reported that the woman’s lifeless body was discovered in the open area of Bhageshwari Dharamshala Trust along the banks of the Indrayani River in Alandi around 8 am on Saturday. Upon receiving the news, officers from the Dighi police swiftly responded and secured the body. The presence of severe head injuries prompted authorities to register a case of murder.


Remarkably, the police managed to apprehend the suspect within a few hours of the crime. Ingale, originally hailing from the Washim district, had been residing in Alandi for approximately two and a half years, where he engaged in various labour activities and sought shelter at Alandi Ghat. It was during this time that he formed a connection with the woman, who had also been staying at Alandi Ghat in recent days.


The couple, Ingale and the woman had decided to marry each other the day before the incident. However, suspicions arose when the woman was observed walking with another individual on the same day. Driven by jealousy and distrust, Ingale resorted to striking the woman’s head with a piece of cement, resulting in her untimely demise. Dighi Police are investigating this matter