Pune: Yerwada Jail Earns Almost Rs Three Crore Through Sale Of Goods Made By Prisoners

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Yerwada, 12th February 2023: The Yerwada jail earned Rs 2.99 crore through sales of goods created by inmates in the fiscal year 2021–2022, according to official statistics provided by the state prison administration. Amravati Central Prison earned Rs 1.77 crore. The Nagpur Central Prison provided Rs. 1.54 crore to the state coffers, while the Nashik Road Central Prison came in third with Rs 1.72 crore.

The state prison system’s initiatives to reform prisoners through practices like part-time creative and constructive labour cannot be dismissed.

By performing this task, the inmates of the Yerwada jail not only make a daily wage but also add to the general revenue of the prison administration. The Yerwada jail’s convicts labour in more than 10 distinct manufacturing units, doing carpentry and blacksmithing. The data shows that the carpentry division of the Yerwada Central Prison produced goods worth Rs 76.67 lakh, while the blacksmithery section produced goods worth Rs 58.90 lakh.

The prison department at the Yerwada jail also manages additional production facilities and services, including a paper plant, power and handloom, a tailoring shop, a leather shop, a laundry facility, and a bakery. The Yerwada prison offers a variety of wood handicrafts, Kolhapuri chappals, and bakery goods.