Pune: Young tabla player Ojas Adhiya awarded this year’s Tal Vishwa Yuva Puraskar

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Pune, 28th December 2023: A musical event, Sangeet Virasat, was organized on the occasion of the 58th memorial ceremony of Guru Ustad Meheboob Khansaheb Mirajkar and the 9th death anniversary of Ustad Muhammad Hanif Khansaheb Mirajkar.

The performance of the students enthralled the audience. Tal Vishwa is an organization promoting and disseminating Indian music outside India in association with the ‘Temple of Fine Arts International.’ The first session of the program began with tabla students from the Malaysia, Australia, and Singapore branches of ‘Temple of Fine Arts International’ and students from Tal Vishwa. They presented Tritaal and Zaptaal in groups, duets, and solos.

Unique Fusion ‘Swarhythm’

In the second session, the program ‘Swarhythm,’ a combination of Hindustani Carnatic and Western music conceived by tabla player Nawaz Mirajkar, grandson of Guru Ustad Mehboob Khansaheb Mirajkar, was presented. This vocal-rhythmic ensemble featured Bombay Anand (Violin) from Malaysia, Mahesh Parameswaran (Mridangam) from Malaysia, Sunil Awachat (Flute), Kumar Karthigesu from Australia (Sitar), Dr. Pravin Raj from Malaysia (Zembe), Rohit Kulkarni (Synthesizer and Keyboard), Arjun Jayaraman from Singapore (Tabla), and Nawaz Mirajkar from Singapore (Tabla). The performance was well received by the audience. Swarhythm started with Ganesh Vandana, performed with North and South style Bandish in Hansadhwani Raaga. This was followed by a performance, Rhythm Earth, based on the concept of Nature’s Sounds in Mishra Bhimpalasi Raaga. Charukeshi Tales featured variations of the Charukeshi Raaga from Hindustani and Western instruments. After that, ‘JogBlues’ was a fusion of Hindustani Carnatic and Jazz based on Jog raga. Swarhythm ended with a Sufi Mystic, in which the artists won the hearts of the audience by presenting different shades of Sufi and Bhairavi Raagas.

Taal Vishwa Yuva Puraskar

In this musical function, young tabla player Ojas Adhia was honored with this year’s Sangeet Virasat Yuva Puraskar by Senior Sitar player Ustad Usman Khansaheb and MLA Ravindra Dhangekar. The celebration concluded with the sizzling tabla playing of Ojas Adhiya. Ojas presented the Peshkar, Tode, and the Teen Taal Kayda of Ajarara Gharana. He was accompanied by Abhishek Shinkar on the harmonium. The program was organized by Rizwan Mirajkar, the grandson of Guru Ustad Mehboob Khansaheb Mirajkar. The program was attended by senior Tabla Player Vitthal Kshirsagar, Senior Santoor player Dhananjay Daithankar, and Ninad Daithankar.