Pune’s Faulty Speed Bumps Pose Danger to Motorists and Riders

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Pune, 16th April 2024: Residents of Pune have been experiencing difficulties with their daily commutes due to the poor condition of the city’s roads. These issues are compounded by potholes, defective speed bumps, and insufficient street lighting, which can lead to accidents as motorists and riders struggle to see the speed bumps in the dark.

To address this, the Pune Municipal Corporation (PMC) conducted a survey and found 567 faulty speed bumps across the city. Of these, 108 speed breakers that did not adhere to the Indian Road Congress (IRC) guidelines were removed. However, the civic body has faced criticism for not holding contractors or ward officers accountable for their substandard work on the speed bumps.

An activist argued that while it’s positive that the PMC is removing the faulty bumps, they should also charge contractors for the poor work. He also criticized the lack of data on the total number of speed bumps in the city and whether they meet IRC standards.

The PMC’s road department head stated that the cost of removing the faulty speed bumps is minimal, but the PMC does not plan to blacklist or warn those responsible for the construction of the bumps.

The removal process began with a walking survey conducted by junior engineers from October 2023 to January 2024. They inspected faulty roads and speed bumps over 12 meters in length and submitted their findings to the PMC.

Despite the removal of 108 faulty speed bumps from various areas of the city, activists have continued to voice concerns about the waste of public funds and the need for accountability for poor construction practices.