Pune’s ‘Kalavardhini’ enters in the list of government recognised institutes

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Pune, March 17:- Pune based ‘Kalavardhini Charitable Trust’ which has been primarily working in the field of performing and allied Indian arts for more than 26 years, has recently been recognised by the Government of Maharashtra. Due to this, the students of Kalavardhini Trust will now be granted with additional marks for their Secondary State Board Examination. The marks will range between 5 and 25 depending upon student’s performance in the particular art form. The Trust has also received a certificate of this recognition very recently.

From the academic year 2018, the Students who will be learning Indian classical music, folk arts and painting will be eligible to receive extra marks in their SSC board exams. These additional marks will be awarded to students by their head master at the end of their final exam. The particular art form for which the student has been awarded Grace marks will also be mentioned on his / her SSC mark sheet.

Speaking on this occasion, Bharat Natyam artist Arundhati Patwardhan – secretary, Kalavardhini Charitable Trust said, “Brain-child of Dr. Sucheta Bhide – Chapekar, the veteran Bharatnatyam Dancer, Kalavardhini Charitable trust works under her guidance to promote the Classical dance. Our work has been recognised by the government and this new achievement of Kalavardhini Trust will not only benefit the existing students but will also help in motivating the pupils who want to pursue Indian art forms as their career.”

In addition to this, students who are not only learning this art but also seeking new horizons through their performances will also be benefited from this decision mentioned  Arundhati.