Pune’s Livability Under Scrutiny: Citizen Highlights Key Concerns

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Pune, 2nd September 2023: Gangotri Chanda, a resident of Chandan Nagar in Kharadi, Pune, has voiced concerns about various pressing issues that have been affecting the city in recent years. Chanda, like many others drawn to Pune’s charm due to its education, livelihood opportunities, and pleasant climate, has chosen to address these concerns through a press note.

Among the key issues raised by Chanda are as follows:

1. Pollution from Construction and Transportation: The growing menace of pollution, stemming from construction activities and transportation, poses severe health hazards to the residents of Pune.

2. Tremendous Light Pollution: The excessive presence of artificial lighting disrupts natural rhythms, affects sleep patterns, and diminishes the beauty of Pune’s night sky.

3. Lack of Natural Green Cover: The scarcity of natural greenery in the city raises environmental concerns and affects the overall well-being of its residents.

4. Potholes on the Roads: Potholes on Pune’s roads present serious safety hazards to both pedestrians and vehicles, demanding immediate attention.

5. Prolonged Power Cuts: Frequent and prolonged power cuts disrupt daily life, especially during crucial work-from-home hours and online training sessions on weekends.

6. Water Crisis and Tanker Lobby: A water crisis has led to the emergence of an exploitative tanker lobby that charges exorbitant prices for substandard water supply, creating hardships for residents. The quality of the water supplied through tankers has also raised concerns.

Chanda attributes the water crisis to unchecked development and concretization, which hinder water absorption and recharge of the water table, leading to runoff that flows into the sea through various waterways. The ongoing ‘River Revamp and Road Construction’ project has permanently disconnected aquifers from the Mula-Mutha river, exacerbating the groundwater recharge problem.

Additionally, the proposed clearing of more than 7.4K trees along both banks of the Mula-Mutha river raises concerns of reduced groundwater recharge, increased riverbank dryness, and erosion.

7. Inefficient Public Transport: Inefficient public transport, with infrequent bus schedules, incidents of buses becoming inoperable, and traffic congestion due to overloaded private vehicles, hampers the livelihoods of Pune residents.

8. Sewage Discharge in the River: Chanda has observed dark patches on the surface of the Mula-Mutha river, indicating pollution from sewage discharge. This pollution has far-reaching consequences, contributing to vector-borne diseases and severe cyclones in the Bay of Bengal, which impact Chanda’s hometown on the east coast.

Through this comprehensive press note, Gangotri Chanda seeks to draw attention to these critical issues that affect the daily lives of Pune’s residents. Chanda’s plea underscores the importance of timely action and collaborative efforts to address these concerns and enhance the overall quality of life in Pune.