Pune’s Market Yard Celebrates Early Arrival of Season’s First Mangoes

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Market Yard, 18th January 2024: In a much-anticipated event, the first box of mangoes for the season has made its debut in Pune, setting the stage for a fruitful harvest. Traditionally known as the “king of fruits,” mangoes are a favourite among the masses, and the arrival of first-grade mangoes has sparked excitement among Pune residents.

The inaugural box of premium mangoes, containing four dozen of the coveted Ratnagiri Hapus variety, entered the Market Yard today, a month earlier than usual. The atmosphere, deemed ideal for mango cultivation this year, has contributed to this early arrival, marking a significant development for mango enthusiasts.

The customary pooja ceremony was conducted at the Market Yard to bless the first batch of mangoes, emphasizing their cultural and economic significance. Following the ritual, the auction for the first box took place, attracting eager participants.

In a spirited bidding war, Balasaheb Kunjir, a prominent fruit merchant, emerged victorious by acquiring the prized box for a whopping Rs 21,000. This translates to an individual mango being valued at Rs 440, underscoring the premium quality of the first batch.

Sunil, a farmer from the Pawas area, made a serendipitous discovery as he stumbled upon a box of Ratnagiri Hapus mangoes in the possession of Kishore Ladkat, a seasoned trader in the Market Yard.

As mango enthusiasts eagerly await the widespread availability of these delectable fruits in April, the early arrival of the first box in Pune signals a promising start to what is anticipated to be a bountiful mango season.