Pune’s Pub Owners Seek Policy Harmony After Police Enforcement Of Nightlife Regulations

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Mubarak Ansari & Sumit Singh

Pune, 12th February 2024: Since assuming the role of Pune City Police Commissioner, Amitesh Kumar has emphasized the enforcement of a 1:30 am closing time for pubs and a 10 pm limit for music.

Local police stations have been actively reaching out to restaurant and pub owners, urging strict adherence to these regulations. Despite compliance from many establishments in Koregaon Park, Kalyani Nagar, Viman Nagar, and Baner, some pubs, particularly those situated in prominent hotels, continue to operate until 4 am.

Sandeep Singh Narang, owner of Agents Jacks And FML, assured Punekar News, “We are cooperating with authorities and guidelines, stopping music at 10 pm, and closing all our branches at 1:30 am.”

Recently, members of the Lounge & Bar Association of Pune met with Ajit Pawar, Deputy Chief Minister of Maharashtra and Guardian Minister of Pune, to express their concerns.

Several restaurant owners reported increased police visits between 10 pm and 1:30 am, causing disturbance among patrons. The frequent police presence creates a false impression of illegal activities, prompting customers, including young corporates and women, to leave early. This adversely affects the ambience and customer experience, leading to revenue loss for the establishments and reduced GST and VAT collection for the Maharashtra government.

A restaurant owner stated, “Restaurateurs have been working hard for years, and this activity by authorities is permanently damaging our brand image. Customers believe something illegal is happening at our restaurants, which is untrue. We appealed to the Guardian Minister to instruct the police to allow us to operate peacefully within the permissible limit of 1:30 am.”

Given Pune’s vibrant workforce, comprising young professionals from software, automotive, multinational corporations, KPOs, and BPOs, these actions are negatively impacting the city’s global image. The decrease in sales could lead to job losses, further contributing to rising unemployment, as conveyed to the Deputy Chief Minister.

Expressing their grievances, another restaurant owner added, “Liquor license fees have seen a steep increase annually, despite unchanged operational hours. We request a modest increase in liquor license renewal fees for the upcoming financial year 2024-2025, considering the severe impact on restaurants during the two years of the pandemic.”

During their meeting with the Deputy CM, the association members also appealed for an extension of operational hours for restaurants.

They emphasized equal treatment for all establishments seeking a discotheque license, asserting that clear documentation and willingness to pay government fees should be the criteria for issuing such licenses, thereby contributing to increased government revenue.

The association members said, “It has been brought to our notice that the police have issued discotheque licenses only to a few restaurants. Several other restaurants want this discotheque license, and their documents are also clear; they have applied for the same and are ready to pay the required fees to the government, which would increase government revenue. Our association demands equal treatment for all, and discotheque licenses should be issued to all restaurants willing to pay government fees and are eligible for a discotheque license.”


A hotel owner informed Punekar News, stating, “We cannot operate without paying ‘hafta’ to the police and excise department. In addition to these payments, officials from these departments frequently come for parties, food and drinks with their friends and relatives at our establishment whenever they wish. It’s challenging for us to cover these expenses, leaving us with no alternative but to extend operational hours.”