Quick Police Action: Pune Resident Recovers 4 Lakh Lost to Cyber Fraud in Just 4 Days

Cyber Fraud
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Pune, 11th August 2023: A recent incident of cyber fraud in Pimpri Chinchwad has taken a positive turn as a victim managed to retrieve a substantial sum of 4 lakh rupees through prompt police intervention.

Cyber fraud cases not only result in financial loss but also inflict significant psychological distress on the victims. Taking immediate action, including reporting the incident and providing vital information, substantially increases the likelihood of recovering the stolen funds.

Shivraj Khuntale shared his distressing encounter, recounting how he stumbled upon a seemingly attractive credit card offer on the now-defunct website www.cardcpp.net. Upon applying, the website prompted him to input his existing card details. Soon after sharing this information, he received a call from an individual posing as a representative of the credit card company. This person requested an OTP, assuring Khuntale it was solely for reward redemption purposes.

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The phone call abruptly ended, and Khuntale was taken aback to discover an alarming deduction of 4,00,000 rupees from his account.

Without hesitation, Khuntale sought assistance from the Cyber Cell at the Pimpri Chinchwad CP Office. The adept Cyber Cell team promptly tracked the transaction and found it was still in the Payment Gateway stage. Collaborating with the Gateway provider, they effectively halted the transaction. Within a mere four days, Khuntale’s relief was palpable as he witnessed the debited amount restored to his account.

In cases of cyber fraud, timely reporting plays a pivotal role in the recovery process. Acting swiftly not only increases the chances of reclaiming lost funds but also prevents further complications that could arise in the future.


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