Real Estate: Only Way To Get Real Rich!

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Atul Goel

MD, Goel Ganga Group 

My father started the real estate business, and I entered this field based on his recommendation. It didn’t take any research or any science degree. I got into real estate and started learning about the field. I believe one has to work with a purpose, where you are solving a large issue of society, and I think real estate is an important business in that sense. This may include creating housing or commercial infrastructure or Slum Rehabilitation Authority (SRA) development. There are so many problems you solve through real estate, becoming a part of the solution for society. I think any real estate project you take up, even an SRA project, where we offer free housing to slum-dwellers, makes you a part of the solution for our society rather than a problem.

My first project, ‘Gangadham’ or even our latest, ‘Gangadham Towers’, was initially a barren land with no access. But today, you see that location flourished into a well-developed locale with thousands of people enjoying living there. I can give you many such examples in Pune, Mumbai, Nagpur, and Bangalore. In Nagpur, I took over redevelopment projects with more than 300 tenants. If you look at that project today, all the tenants are rehabilitated, the metro line is connected, and it is one of the largest commercial projects in Vidarbha (Central India). 

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