Rebuilding of bridges including augmentation at 33 locations on Central Railway

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Pune, 22 July, 2020: Central Railway has completed important bridge infrastructure works utilizing the lockdown period. The quantum of work it has done would have required many traffic blocks and an impact on some trains running during normal period.


Infrastructure work of rebuilding of bridges including augmentation of waterway for drainage capacity at 33 locations over Central Railway were carried out during lockdown. Out of these 33 rebuilding/augmentation bridge works, 6 were on Mumbai Division, 4 in Bhusaval Division, 3 in Nagpur Division, 9 on Pune Division, and 11 on Solapur Division. The details are as under:


Mumbai Division:

· Replacement of corroded steel girders by pre-stressed concrete (PSC) slabs of Waldhuni river bridge on both up and down lines between Kalyan and Shahad stations

· Rebuilding of a bridge with the insertion of Reinforced Cement Concrete (RCC) boxes on the Panvel-Karjat section completed in 4 days which would have taken a minimum of 20 days in normal traffic conditions.

· Augmentation of drainage capacity by insertion of RCC boxes at Ravli near Vadala station

· Additional waterway by insertion of RCC boxes at a bridge near Tilak Nagar station.

· Rebuilding of the old bridge including augmentation of drainage capacity by Micro tunneling in Kasara Yard.


Nagpur Division:

· Replacement of corroded steel girders of two bridges in Amla-Nagpur section with PSC slabs

· Rehabilitation of one bridge in Amravati-Narkher section with RCC Boxes


Bhusaval Division:

· Rebuilding of 4 bridges with RCC box insertion in Igatpuri-Bhusaval section


Solapur Division:

· Rebuilding of bridges with RCC boxes at 11 bridge locations in the Solapur division.


Pune Division:

· Rehabilitation of 5 bridges by RCC boxes at various locations in the Pune division.

· Replacement of corroded steel girders with PSC slabs at 2 bridges in the Miraj-Kolhapur section and 2 bridges in the Pune-Miraj section.