“Recognize Prostitution As A Profession”, Demands Amruta Fadnavis in Pune

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Budhwar Peth, 11th June 2022: Amruta Fadnavis, wife of former Chief Minister and Leader of the Opposition Devendra Fadnavis, has demanded that the government should recognize prostitution as a ‘profession’ in India as well. She also said that the prostitution business should be respected like any other business.


In Pune, on Saturday (11th June) at 1 pm, a free health camp for women and distribution of Sukanya cards for girls was held at Budhwar Peth. Amruta Fadnavis was speaking in front of women in the prostitution business.


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She said, “I would like to tell the government that prostitution should be treated with the same respect as other businesses. It should be accepted as a business. In countries like Germany, prostitutes have a respectable place. Prostitutes also pay taxes in these countries. The same place can be found in India if we all come together. I support this decision.”

Amruta also mentioned some key points about her opinion:


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“Women in prostitution should undergo daily medical check-ups”

“You need to take care of your health. Therefore, no matter how hasty, women in the prostitution business should get their medical examination. There is a risk of getting some disease in the business you are in, identify that risk. Also, check yourself regularly. The Bharatiya Janata Party will support you”

“Don’t Forget to Save for Your Kids”

“Educate your daughters. Save for your kids. It will definitely help you. Old age home is needed in old age. We will do our best. But don’t forget to save for your kids too.”

“We will provide yoga classes wherever you want in your area of Budhwar Peth”

“Everyone needs to do yoga. If you are all ready, I will appoint a good instructor to take your yoga session. If you do this yoga at home, you will not get any disease. In any case, you will stay fit. We will provide yoga classes wherever you want in your area of Budhwar Peth”