Relaxations in Khadki, only a few areas under containment zones

Mohalla Clinic in Khadki.

Khadki (Pune), May 27, 2020: A meeting was held today at the Khadki Cantonment Board (KCB) regarding the declaration of the micro-containment zone(s) within Khadki (Kirkee) Cantonment area as per active patients of COVID-19 and activities in non-micro containment zones. Out of total 32 Coronavirus positive patients, most of them have been cured and discharged from hospitals. KCB has taken many steps to stop spread of Coronavirus.

The micro-containment zones include portion of Civil Area of Khadki Cantonment Board consisting of Lumbini Kunj area from Buddha Vihar of Lumbini Kunj from H No 441 Old Bazar to H No 452 Old Bazar. from H No 429 Old Bazar to H.No 440 Old Bazar towards Dhobhi Ghat including lane between HNo. 440013 &4410BloHNo 4290.8 &452 OB. Portion of Civil Area of Kirkee Cantonment Board from the junction of Kasam Ali Jumboo Road and lane leading to Jama Masjid, Kirkee upto H.No. 178 Old Bazar (Madrasa) and then towards lane between H No 182 Old Bazar & H No 171 Old Bazar upto Kasam Ali Jumboo Road (all the houses including H.Nos 178, 179, 180, 181, 182, 183 & 183-A, Old Bazar). The restrictions will continue in the containment zones.

Khadki Cantonment Board CEO Pramod Kumar Singh said that it has been decided that in remaining areas other than non-micro-Containment Zones which comprise of remaining portions of civil area Range Hills. BEG Centre Sapras & Line Bazar East Khadki, Waitagwadi, Ammunition Factory, Khadki High Explosive Factory, Khadki, 512 ABWS, CAFVD and portion of Bungalow area, the business activities shall be operative as detailed below with the conditions as

The entire boundaries of micro containment zones of Khadki Cantonment shall be sealed completely. Everybody within the limits of Cantonment has to follow these orders: To maintain Social Distancing will be the prime responsibility of concerned shopkeepers. If Social Distancing is not be followed the concerned shop will be closed temporarily. Police complaint will be made against concerned shopkeeper for the violation. Patrolling teams have been appointed for monitoring and enforcing of Social Distancing at public places.

Patrolling team have been authorised to take necessary action against violations made be any shopkeeper or any public possible action issued earlier: Issuance of oral warning with proper videography and photography, To keep queue in shadow area and not on the main road so that hurdle free road access may be available for other vehicles/passers, They may exercise the powers u/s 51 to 60 of Disaster Management Act, 2005 and Section 188 of Indian Penal Code 1860 in the best Government Interest; more than 05 persons found in one place, strict action shall be taken with due process;

Non-wearing of compulsory face mask will be the cause of penalty at the rate Rs 500 per offence and mask shall be issued by the cantonment. Further, even the police complaint will be made against the offender. Non-maintenance of Social Distancing shall be liable to be penalised Rs 500 on each person and shopkeeper/ vendor shall be penalized Rs 2000 for each offence;

Spitting in public spaces shall be punishable with a penalty Rs 500 per offence. The patrolling team is authorised to shut down the shop/kiosk if they are found violating of Social Distancing and/or any of the above points. All shops will be opened from timings mentioned below. Anybody found to operating earlier or beyond the above timing shall be penalised Rs 5000 per default. Shops who are entitled to distribute the Ration as allotted through District Authorities will be allowed to open the shops as per the directions of District Authorities Further, they will also be liable for maintaining Social Distance and other guidelines mentioned above and failing which they shall also be penalised as above they will prominently display the timing as finalised by the Competent Authority.

All the shops/kiosks shall be responsible to sanitise the own premises on daily basis and photographs of the same shall be uploaded on the mobile phones of HS/GS. Failing to do so shall be penalised Rs 500 for each default; Any of the above 03 defaults of any shop/kiosk shall result into the closure of the shop kiosk permanently till further orders of the Board, It shall be the responsibility of the concerned shopkeeper to depute staff for maintaining Social Distancing in front of his shop as well as other guidelines as mentioned above, the Shopkeepers shall also be personally responsible to maintain the Social Distancing among themselves and their staff, however, in any case, shall not exceed 04 in nos including the owner(s) himself/themselves.

Shopkeeper shall maintain proper kit, tools and chemicals for disinfecting the customers as well as their premises effectively. All the private hospitals and clinics shall remain open as per the directions of District Administration with proper maintenance of norms of Social Distancing and other guidelines. Even they are also expected to follow above rules & regulations and any default shall be penalised as mentioned above, Any of the other directions, guidelines, instructions which will be issued by the District Administration, State Government and Government of India shall be followed. Now it has been decided that following business activities shall be allowed to operate on the days and timings mentioned with due observance of the guidelines and instructions.


The business activities shall be reviewed periodically and other remaining business activities shall be opened in phase manner depending upon the prevailing conditions and guidelines issued by the Competent Authority from time to time.


Activities which are not allowed include barber shop, parlour, cinema hall, gymnasium, street vendors, hand carts, tuitions, vegetables & fruits, private construction activities. library, marriage/religious functions & cremation (will operate as per guidelines of the Competent Authority), religious institutions.

Shop timings in Khadki Cantonment

Shop timings in Khadki Cantonment