Retd Army Jawan bears education expenses of minor girl who sold water for buying books on Rajgad

Sumit Singh

Rajgad Fort, Pune, January 21, 2020: Ramesh Kharmale, a retired Indian army soldier extended the hand of help towards a girl after seeing her working on the fort.

Shreya Santosh Kharat lives in Pali village. Every Sunday she carries water and juice on her head from her house to the fort. He asked about her politely, purchased juice and water from the little girl. She currently is studying in 2nd standard.

He gave the little girl money for one-year fees of her school and reduced financial burden on her. Kharmale lives in Junnar and has served for 17 years in Maratha Light Infantry battalion of the Army. Through his generosity, it reflects that the values of Chattrapati Shivaji Maharaj are alive in the minds of people even today.

Later Ramesh Kharmle posted on Facebook, “Shreya Santosh Kharat lives in Pali village near Torna Fort. It is far to reach from her house to Rajgad Fort. While trekking from Suvachi machi to Sanjeevani machi, I saw her climbing from a sloping cliff. Merely of seven years old, she was climbing with 10 bisleri bottles. After watching that I was surprised and took a photo. After crossing the Suvachi Machi and Sanjeevani Machi, I managed to reach near that little girl. Taking her burden down from her head and asked her about her home, school, and name. She said her name was Shreya, she lives in Pali and was studying in 2nd standard. My heartfelt heavy when she said that she sells water and juice on the fort for buying books for school. To help her a little, I drank more juice than usual and purchased some bottles from her. I gave her money for exactly one year of her school education and took a selfie for remembrance. I gave a Mujra to the little girl. Jai Jijau Jai Shivrai”