Sarthak Knowledge Bank – a boon for Divyangjan launched by Sarthak Educational Trust

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Pune, 21 Jan 2020: Sarthak Educational Trust , an NGO working towards providing vocational skills and employment opportunities has completed five years of it’s center in Pune. The center is supported by Capgemini Technology Services Ltd is working towards vocational skill building and Sustainable employment opportunities of Persons with Disabilities since 2015.Embarking its journey of 5 years, the organisation offers free of cost training in IT, Retail and Hospitality has also recently started Web development course to enhance the digital literacy in India.

Availing the benefits of training, more than 700 Persons with Disabilities have been successfully placed in leading corporate houses namely Flipkart, Amazon, Wipro,Max, Big Basket IHG, Lemon tree and many others.

The information was given by Dr. Jitender Aggarwal, Founder & CEO of Sarthak Educational Trust at a press conference held at Patrakar Sangh

Sarthak Educational Trust and NAAI have been trying persistently for over a decade to highlight the issue of nearly 30 million Persons with Disabilities in the country, empowering them to find jobs and unleash their entrepreneurial potential. Sarthak through 18 skill building centers in India have empowered more than 18000 PwDs with the support of 1000+ corporate houses.

Dr. Jitender Aggarwal, Founder & CEO of Sarthak Educational Trust, said, “Our aim is to provide vocational skills to the differently abled people, enabling them to have successful employment opportunities. Census data shows that 63 per cent of PwDs are unemployed and every second person among them is illiterate. We can’t afford to continue to ignore this vital segment of society as its empowerment can not only make them self-reliant but will also tremendously contribute to India’s sagging GDP”. Over the years, Sarthak has trained and secured lucrative placement for over 16,000 PWDs across the industry segments through its 18 centres in India.”

To address the challenges, soon Sarthak Global Resource Centre will be inaugurated whichaims at providing services to PwDs, and preparing human resource to better cater to the needs and requirements of PwDs under a single roof and will help address inclusivity issues of PwDs, globalize resources, and appeal to corporates & masses to come together”.

Additionally, Sarthak recently launched knowledge bank and Disability Information Portal at targeted at Divyangjan to address the challenge of disability inclusion in the country by offering employment support to PwDs, Parents Interaction Forum, Alumni Forum, Corporate Sensitization to create inclusive and cohesive workplace for PwDs. The services also include Sensitization Workshops, Accessibility support, Job Mapping and Tie-ups to provide skilled PwD workforce on regular frequencies.

About Sarthak Educational Trust- Sarthak is working since 2008 to empower disability sector through interventions in the verticals of Inclusive Education, Healthcare, Vocational Skilling, Sustainable Employment, Accessibility, Advocacy, Abilympics ( and other. In last decade, we have reached upto 3 lakh persons with disabilities and provided employment opportunities to 18000 PwDs in 1000+ corporate houses in India with the support of 25+ funding partners namely (Credit Suisse, NSDC, HT Parekh Foundation, Mahindra Finance, Capgemini, Cognizant Foundation, HSBC and many more). (