Rise of online sports betting in India

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23 July 2020: What’s one of the first things you could associate with India besides a vibrant culture? The game of cricket! The people in India are madly in love with this sport. Cricket is widely accepted across the country, and the people of India even like to go a step further in turning it into an even more thrilling experience. They like to place bets on it, which is nothing strange or revolutionary as sports betting is one of the most popular and entertaining forms of gambling all over the world.


However, the situation in India is a bit different as it has a large number of youngsters and the increase in the younger population in general, which is good news for sports. These young people are not only interested in sports, but they are also starting to pay more and more attention to other engaging aspects of games such as sports betting.


This is the reason why many predict that sports gambling will be and already is on the rise. Special attention has been paid to the online sports betting, as online gambling and betting on sports on the Internet is on the massive surge nowadays globally.


The news that the Law Commission of India (LCI) recommends legalization of the sports betting is no surprise. This decision allows people to indulge in placing bets and fully experience the excitement of awaiting the desired result.


As this decision was reached just a few months ago, the emerging Indian sports gambling market is now among the most promising ones, merely considering its size. On the other hand, it’s not just the number of potential sports gamers that matters here.


It is also the significant growth in the figures of Internet users in India that makes this amount of likely bettors even more extensive in the foreseeable future. The predictions say that by the end of this year, there will be more than 700 million Internet users in India! The gambling industry is looking forward to these figures and already devising plans to leverage this power smartly.

However, although gambling and sports betting are becoming quite popular, there are still certain hurdles and obstacles preventing the industry from fully capitalizing on this enormous potential. The main setback is the lack of the right legislation. The government needs to define precise rules to help and protect the players and benefit from sports betting industry revenues.