Rotary Club of Chinchwad Joins Forces for Mega Tree Plantation Project in Pune

Tree plantation in Dehugaon
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Pune, 21st August 2023: In a commendable effort to contribute to environmental conservation, the Rotary Club of Chinchwad, in partnership with CST Green Solution, recently embarked on a mega tree plantation project. The initiative, organized in collaboration with District 3131, aimed to promote a greener and healthier environment for Pune’s residents. 

The event took place on August 20, 2023, at Gathagram, Dehugaon, Pune, drawing participation from various clubs, interact clubs, students, and volunteers.

Under the leadership of District 3131, the event witnessed the convergence of approximately 500 participants from 7 different clubs, interact clubs, and local volunteers. This collective effort resulted in the successful planting of 5,000 saplings, each contributing to the vision of a greener future for the region.

The mega tree plantation project received a boost of enthusiasm as DGN Santosh Marathe graced the event as the Chief Guest. He was joined by esteemed personalities such as District Project Chair Rtn. Nikhil Takale, District Environment Director Rtn. Santosh Pardeshi, and CSR partner Mr. Sandeep Sonigra. Their presence symbolized the commitment of local organizations, experts, and individuals towards the cause of environmental sustainability.

This tree plantation drive, which commenced on August 2 and is set to conclude on August 27, is expected to witness the planting of an impressive 1,50,000 trees across government-owned land areas near the riverside. The event’s holistic approach extends beyond just planting, as measures are in place to ensure the saplings receive the necessary care and attention, aiding their growth and development.

An aspect that distinguishes this initiative is the emphasis on planting local tree species rather than foreign ones. Experts in the field of nature conservation support this approach, as it enables the flourishing of local birds, insects, and other vital organisms within the ecosystem. This choice serves to enhance the ecological balance of the area and promote biodiversity, creating a sustainable environment for all living beings.

The collaborative efforts of Rotary Club of Chinchwad, CST Green Solution, and the various participating clubs and volunteers reflect the growing awareness and commitment to nature preservation within the community. The mega tree plantation project stands as a testament to the power of collective action and highlights the positive impact that can be achieved when individuals come together for a shared cause.