Rs 7347 Crore Infusion: Power Infrastructure Boost Set to Transform Pune District

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Pune, 25th November 2023: Vishwas Pathak, Independent Director of MSEDCL, addressed a district review meeting in Pune on Saturday, providing insights into the substantial developments in the power sector. Pathak revealed that projects totalling Rs 7347 crore have been initiated under the RDSS (Restructured Accelerated Power Development and Reforms Programme) scheme to fortify the power distribution network in response to the district’s growing population. These initiatives are anticipated to address numerous power supply challenges.

Emphasizing the critical need to enhance the infrastructure of MSEDCL (Maharashtra State Electricity Distribution Company Limited) and MSETCL (Maharashtra State Electricity Transmission Company Limited) in Pune district due to escalating power demands, Pathak outlined the government’s commitment to this cause.

The district review meeting, attended by notable figures including Bhimrao Tapkir, MLA Sangram Thopte, MLA Ashok Pawar, MLA Dilip Mohite Patil, and MLA Sanjay Jagtap, covered key areas such as power distribution, renewable energy, and regulatory compliance.

Pathak highlighted the RDSS scheme as a nationwide initiative led by Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s government to revamp the power supply network amidst increasing electricity demands. A total investment of 42 thousand crores is planned for the Maharashtra state, with Pune district allocated 7347 crores under this scheme. The projects aim to minimize losses, enhance the power distribution network, deploy smart meters, and isolate feeders, promising a substantial improvement in electricity supply quality.

Additionally, Pathak discussed the implementation of Chief Minister Solar Agriculture Channel Scheme 2.0 (MSKVY) by the Deputy Chief Minister and Minister of Energy, New and Renewable Energy Maharashtra Devendra Fadnavis. This scheme aims to generate seven thousand megawatts of electricity for agricultural purposes using solar energy, with a significant portion allocated to the Pune district.

Representatives at the meeting articulated various demands aligned with their respective assembly constituencies. Pathak stressed the importance of increasing electricity supply capacity and the workforce in response to the burgeoning population and expanding industries in the Pune district. He underscored the need to prioritize the implementation of suggestions from people’s representatives.

Director (Operations) Sanjay Taksande echoed the sentiment, emphasizing the necessity for the officers and employees of MSEDCL to adapt to changing times and proactively serve customers. Sandeep Kalantri also guided the meeting. The initiatives discussed are poised to bring transformative changes to the state’s energy sector.