RTI reply ( Gas Subsidy )

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RTI reply ( Gas Subsidy )There is no record available that shows how many MP’s , MLA  ( including all the political parties ) & Ministers GIVEUP their gas subsidy.  Claims RTI activist Prafful Sarda on the basis of a RTI reply ( Ref. with the appeal made by Hon. PrimeMinister of India Shri. Narendraji Modi.) from Petroleum & Natural Gas ministry .

Prafful Sarda, Entrepreneur & RTI activist had filed an RTI application with the Ministry of Petroleum & Natural Gas to inquire about names & list. The Ministry has said in the RTI reply that no such data maintained separately & information is available with their concern dept.

There is saying Charity begins at home. And if our ministers, elected MP’s & MLA are not giving up their subsidies then why they expect us to give it up???

And if at all they have cancelled ( gave up ) their subsidy then government should announce their list with concern date. it will also motivate other citizen of this country to do the same.