Seco Tools To Double Capacity in Pune – Lars Bergstrom

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Company Celebrates Two Decades of Successful Operations in India

PUNE: “India, epecially Pune, is very important for the Seco Tools and the group is increasing its investment in the plant located here. Seco Tools India will double the production capacity by next year,” said  Mr. Lars Bergstrom, Group President and CEO, Seco Tools AB, Sweden on Thursday.

Mr. Bergstrom was addressing a press conference here to mark the completion of the 20 years of company’s operations in India. Seco Tools India Private Limited is a wholly owned subsidiary of the Seco Tools AB. Mr. Bergstrom also informed that to celebrate this occasion, the company would inaugurate its new office and factory building on 27th May 2016.  Mr. Andreas Fritz, Managing Director and Sr. Vice President Asia Pacific was also present on the occasion.

Addressing the media, Mr. Bergstrom said, “Seco is presently the second largest manufacturer of carbide cutting tools in Europe. I am here to present the growth and future plans of the Seco Tools. However, the 20th anniversary of our India plant is the theme of the day. For us, the plant in Pune is extremely important because the Pune plant is our biggest plant outside of Europe in terms of production capacity. India is among top ten countries in terms of sale for Seco. We are making biggest investment in the group for this plant.”

He informed that with the expansion of the factory building, the company is set to double the capacity. “We will have 100 engineers in the Resarch & Development Department here while the total manpower will be 600 by next year. Of these, 400 will be directly on the floor while 100 persons will be in marketing and back office section each,” he informed. He also observed that it was more cost effective to manufacture in India than in China.

Outlining the changing scenario of industries and business, Mr. Bergstrom said that there was a war for talent among the industries and expressed confidence that Seco would win it. “Our employee turnover is lowest in India. Since Seco stands on the values, our values will win the battle for talent. India has an excellent talent pool,” he added.

Mr. Andreas Fritz said that Seco Tools has 33000 products in its portfolio globally and most of them are manufactured in the Pune plant. All these products are of global standard and most of the products manufactured in Pune are exported. “The products manufactured in the new plant will also be exported. Besides we provide custom products as the requirements of our customers and 20 percent of our revenue comes from them,” he informed.

To mark the 20 years of its operations in India, the new office and factory building of the Seco Tools India will take place at 4 pm at Koregaon Bhima on Pune-Ahmednagar National Highway. Renowned industrialist and Chairman of the Kalyani Forge Mr. Baba Kalyani will be the Chief Guest at the occasion while Mr. Bergstrom and Mr. Fritz and other Seco Executives will be present on the occasion. The company has invited about 300 key customers visiting Pune from across India at this occasion.