Section 144 Imposed at forts and tourists places in Pune district, Gathering banned

tourists at Visapur fort Lonavala Pune
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Siddhi Dharmadhikari

Pune, 13th July 2022: In the backdrop of heavy rainfall and loss of lives, District Collector Dr Rajesh Deshmukh has imposed section 144 at forts and tourist places in Pune district. Gathering of five or more people have been restricted in one kilometre radius of forts, waterfalls and tourist places.

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People have been restricted from going to the forts and tourists places from July 14 to July 17.

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Strict action will be taken on public violating the given restrictions and rules, the order states.

Name of the restricted places 

1. Haveli taluka: Sinhagad fort, Atkarwadi to Sinhagad trek

2. Maval taluka: Fort Lohgad, Fort Visapur, Fort Tikona, Fort Tung, Duke’s nose, Bhaje caves, Bhaje Falls, Dudhi Varekhind, Pawana area

3. Maval: Rajmachi Trek, Fort Kataldara Falls, Kondeshwar to Dhakchehari Fort, Ekvira area 

4. Mulshi taluka: Andharban Trek, Plus Valley, Kundalika Valley, Dipdara, Koraigad 

5. Bhor taluka: Rayareshwar Fort

6. Velha taluka: Fort Rajgad, Fort Torana, Panshet Dam areas, Madheghat Fort Jivdhan

7. Junnar taluka: Fort Jivdhan

8. Ambegaon taluka: Baliware to Padarwadi, Bhimashankar Trek (Balghat Shidighat, Ganpati Marg)

Of forts, waterfalls, lakes or dams at the places mentioned above, in the surrounding one-kilometre radius from July 14 to July 17 the restraining orders will continue to apply for the following matters.

1) Five or more persons will not be allowed to gather at the above-mentioned place.

2) It is not allowed to step into fast flowing water due to rain, descending into deep water and swimming in it.

3) Going to a waterfall or sitting under a stream of water.

4) Taking selfies in place and filming in any form is restricted at dangerous places due to rain, waterfalls, dangerous turns etc.,

(5) Drinking and drunkenness in the vicinity of natural waterfalls created by rains. It is prohibited to carry alcohol, transport alcohol, sell unauthorised alcohol and drink alcohol in the open. 

(6) Stopping vehicles on dangerous roads and dangerous places.

7) Careless driving while transporting vehicles, overtaking vehicles in dangerous conditions.

(8) Restricted to throwing food, garbage, glass and plastic bottles and plastic in public places openly.

(9) Harassing women who come to public places, flirting, treating women rudely, and making inappropriate gestures. Slander or any behaviour that would cause embarrassment, etc is prohibited. 

(10) It is not allowed to play loud music system in public places, playing DJ system and causing noise pollution.

(11) To do any action which will cause noise, air and water pollution. 

(12) All two-wheelers, three-wheelers, four-wheelers and six-wheelers are not allowed to enter within 1 km of the falls. (Except for essential service vehicles). 

If any person/organization violates this order, then they will be charged under the Disaster Management Act 2005 and Section 188 of the Indian Penal Code (IPC).

पुण्यातील गड – किल्ले, पर्यटन स्थळांवर प्रवेशबंदी; अतिवृष्टी’चा इशारा लक्षात घेत, कलम १४४ लागू

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