Send proposal of Hindu Virshaiva and Lingayat Community to State Backward Class Commission- Chief Minister Devendra Fadanvis

Mumbai, July 22, 2019: Chief Minister Devendra Fadanvis today directed for sending the proposal for inclusion of Hindu Virshaiva, Hindu Lingayat and Reddy sub castes in Lingayat Community to the State Backward Class Commission. He also assured that approval to the plan for constructing Jagadjyoti Mahatma Basaveshwara Memorial at Mangalvedha will be granted soon.

Fadanvis was speaking at the meeting held at Sahyadri Guest House to discuss about various demands of Lingayat Community. Minister of VJNT, OBC, Social and Economic Backward class and Special Backward category Sanjay Kute, MoS Public Health ad Solapur Guardian Minister Vijaykumar Deshmukh and representatives of Lingayat community from various districts were present at the meeting.

Chief Minister Fadanvis said that Lingayat Reddy, Hindu Lingayat and Hindu Virshaiv are the sub castes within the Lingayat community. The proposal to include them in OBC category should immediately be sent to State Backward Class Commission. The Commission will be requested to take immediate decision on this proposal.

He also assured that immediate approval will be granted to the plan for constructing the memorial of Jagadjyoti Mahatma Basaveshwar at Mangalvedha. The memorial will have Kalyan Mandapam, statue of Mahatma Basaveshwar and a library and laser show based on his life sketch. To make this memorial carbon neutral large trees should be planted there, he suggested.

Kakasaheb Koyate, Sunil Rufari, Gurunath Badure, Shrikant Todkar, Lakshman Ulekar, Shailesh Havinale, Sarlatai Patil, Sanjay Todkar, Swastik Todkar of Lingayat community were present on this occasion.