Service gun of the bank’s security got fired accidentally directly to lady’s leg.

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24 Sep 2019, Jalgaon : 58 year-old lady Mrs. Shobha mali from North Maharashtra, Jalgaon came to SaiShree hospital with a history of accidental gunshot injury. She had gone to a local bank where the service gun of the security got fired accidentally. The bullet passed through the leg of another lady and ended in the Patient’s ankle & foot region. Because of the gunshot, the patient got multiple entry wounds over an ankle-foot region with pellets embedded inside. Patient was rushed to the local hospital at jalgoan and some primary investigations for the same were done in Jalgaon. 

The patient came to SaiShree Hospital for Special Surgery, Pune, Aundh for further treatment. On admission, the patient was in severe pain and unable to walk. 

When the patient arrived the bullets were still logged in the patient’s ankle region. It was a very rare and unique case in SaiShree hospital. There was a risk of infection known as lead poisoning metalosis which means poisoning due to metallic foreign objects in the body.

Doctors of SaiShree hospital thoroughly examined the x-rays and clinical condition of the patient and decided to remove all pellets so as to avoid any further complications 


Dr. Neeraj Adkar, Director of Saishree Hospital for Special Surgery and Joint Replacement Surgeon, Dr. Mangesh Patil Trauma Surgeon, Dr. Trupti Pare, the anesthesiologist was present at the time of surgery. 

At the time of surgery Dr. Mangesh Patil (Trauma Surgeon) said, “It was a very rare injury, Gunshot injuries are a serious type of trauma. When the patient came to SaiShree hospital, her leg was hit by pellets so it was vital to remove the entire pellet from ankle without damaging any adjacent tissues and to save the patient’s leg.”                                                                                                 

While informing about the surgery Dr. Neeraj Adkar Said “While we were removing the pellets from the leg, we had to be very cautious since it was very close to the blood vessels. The procedure was done very meticulously and carefully. We were successful in saving the limb of this patient’.

The patient was taken to operation theatre and under fluoroscopy guidance (kind of X-ray machine in OT), six pellets from a patient’s ankle and foot removed successfully under regional anesthesia.

“We had lost all hope but when we came to SaiShree hospital and the doctors told me about the surgery then my hopes were restored. I am very thankful to all the doctors of SaiShree hospital they saved my life” Said, the patient.  

The patient recovered well and was discharged next day full weight bears walking.

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