Shital Mahajan Padma Shri awardee, Ace Skydiver all set to accomplish 3 New National records in skydiving In United States of America – San Francisco

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Ace Sky Diver, Padma Shri Awardee Shital Mahajan will be accomplishing new heights in skydiving by concurring New National records. Shital has 5 World records & 17 National records accomplished so far till 1st May 2017.

1. First Indian Woman to perform HALO jump.

2. First Indian Civilian Woman Accelerated Free Fall Skydiving Instructor

3. First Indian Civilian Woman Tandem Skydiving Instructor

 On 19 to 21 May shital will be doing HALO jump in San Francisco. HALO jump means High Altitude Low Opening skydiving jump.

30,000 feet above height HALO jumps require a little more planning. The extreme altitude and reduced air pressure requires skydivers to start pre-breathing oxygen on the ground for an hour prior to takeoff. Due to the special oxygen equipment and planning required.

Shital will be doing HALO skydiving from more than 30,000ft above ground level with help of oxygen mask and cylinder the free fall speed will be 230 km per hour. After opening parachute at 5000ft speed will be 90 km per hour.  Till now no Indian woman has done skydiving from this altitude. Therefore, Shital will be first Indian Civilian woman to achieve this feat.

Another record Shital planning to achieve is she will be completing her Accelerated Free Fall instructor license exam in skydiving. In india there are no Woman AFF Instructors exist. Therefore, Shital will become first Indian Civilian Woman Accelerated Free Fall Instructor.

Along with it Shital is also completing her Tandem instructor license exam in Skydiving. In India, there are no Tandem Skydiving Woman Instructors exist. Therefore, Shital will become first Indian Civilian Woman Tandem Skydiving Instructor.

Her travelling dates are as follows.  17May 2017 Mumbai to San Francisco, Return ticket, 6 June 2017 San Francisco to Mumbai.

Ashok Bhau Jain Chairman, Jain Irrigation Pvt Ltd Jalgaon has sponsored her air ticket and supported her for this record attempt. Due to no other support and sponsorship received from any sponsors. Shital Mahajan has taken loan of Rs 4.5 lakhs for completion of this record attempt.

Currently, Shital Mahajan is the only Indian woman trying to pursue career in skydiving sport.