Shiv Sena Leader Sachin Bhosle Attacked While Campaigning for Upcoming Bypolls in Pune

Sachin Bhosle
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Pune, 22nd February 2023: Shiv Sena leader Sachin Bhosle was recently attacked while campaigning for the upcoming bypolls in Pune, India. The incident took place when a group of individuals approached Bhosle and asked him about his campaign. As he was responding to their questions, one of the individuals allegedly punched him in the face, causing him to fall to the ground. The attackers then proceeded to kick him before fleeing the scene. Bhosle was taken to the hospital with injuries to his face and body. The police have filed a case against the unknown assailants and are currently investigating the matter.


The attack on Bhosle highlights the dangers that politicians face while campaigning. Violence and aggression have become all too common in Indian politics, with numerous incidents of attacks on politicians in recent years. It is important for the government to take measures to ensure the safety and security of all politicians and candidates, particularly during election season. The incident also underscores the need for a more civil and respectful political discourse, free from violence and intimidation.