Sinhagad Road Residents Call for Action to Alleviate Weekend Traffic Jams

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Sinhagad Road, May 29th, 2024: Residents along Sinhagad Road are raising concerns about the persistent traffic congestion experienced every Saturday and Sunday evening, particularly at the entrances to Nanded City and Nanded Phata. These areas, falling under the jurisdiction of both the Pune City Police Commissionerate and Pune Rural Police limits, face challenges exacerbated by narrow roads. However, the root cause of these traffic snarls is often attributed to the absence of traffic police and the reckless behavior of drivers, prompting citizens to demand immediate intervention.

Last week witnessed back-to-back traffic jams at the entrance to Nanded City on Friday (May 24th) and Saturday (May 25th) evenings, causing inconvenience to commuters and locals alike. On Saturday at 7:15 p.m., a breakdown further exacerbated the congestion, highlighting the urgent need for effective traffic management measures.

Similarly, Nanded Phata, under the jurisdiction of Haveli Police Station of Pune Rural Police, faces similar challenges. Despite attempts to alleviate obstructions, the crucial road widening necessary to mitigate congestion remains pending. The influx of heavy vehicle traffic, particularly from industrial businesses utilizing large transport vehicles, compounds the issue for residents. While a traffic warden has been appointed, their effectiveness is limited, necessitating the immediate deployment of traffic police to address these ongoing issues.

Residents express frustration, with one stating, “I was stranded for half an hour in traffic congestion at the Nanded City entrance area with no traffic police officers in sight. If traffic signals are not operational, traffic police should regulate flow during peak hours to prevent obstruction.”

Another resident highlights issues at Nanded Phata Chowk, noting, “Frequent roadside parking of rickshaws and vehicles of shoppers exacerbates the problem, despite the presence of rural police wardens. Encroachments onto the road by some drivers further worsen the situation, leaving uncertainty regarding road widening efforts.”

Assistant Police Inspector Rajkumar Barde from the Sinhagad Road Traffic Branch acknowledges the challenges, stating, “The Khadakwasla-Sinhagad area experiences heavy tourist influx, particularly towards Pune in the evenings, compounded by Nanded City residents joining the traffic. Measures will be taken to alleviate this issue.”

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Concerns also arise regarding non-functional traffic signals, particularly at the Nanded City entrance under the Pune City Police Commissionerate’s jurisdiction. The community questions when these traffic lights will resume operation, as they play a crucial role in managing traffic flow amidst the bustling weekend activity along Sinhagad Road.