Pune Hoarding License Holders Urge PMC to Cease Harassment, Target Unauthorized Advertisements

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Pune, May 29th, 2024: Following the Mumbai Ghatkopar Tragedy, where 16 people lost their lives and over 70 were injured due to a large hoarding collapsing in heavy rain and strong winds, civic bodies across the country have heightened their vigilance. Conducting surveys and structural audits of all hoardings under their jurisdiction has become a priority. Similarly, the Pune Municipal Corporation (PMC) initiated this process. While actions have been taken against unauthorized hoardings, licensed hoarding holders who have adhered to the required measures are also experiencing the impact of these sudden inspections.

Milind Ahire, president of Small Hoarding Advertisers, held a press conference in Pune alongside other hoarding license holders to voice their concerns. During the session, he raised various issues on behalf of the license holders. Ahire stated, “We obtained proper authorization from the Skysign and Licenses department of PMC. PMC should refrain from taking illegal actions against us, authorized hoarding holders, and cease harassing us.” He also addressed a demand letter to PMC Commissioner Rajendra Bhosale.

The letter outlined several key points:

1) Take immediate action against unauthorized hoarding holders in Pune city. We do not condone unauthorized hoardings.
2) We are small-scale businessmen with no more than 10 hoardings in the city. Please refrain from unfairly targeting us. We adhere to all rules and regulations, and if any shortcomings exist, grant us time to rectify them.
3) Avoid generalizations and blanket actions against all hoardings. With pre-monsoon rains approaching, allow us time to rectify and legalize our operations.
4) Our hoardings were recently renovated, with a validity period from April 1st, 2023, to March 31st, 2026. A structural stability certificate was issued during that time. Please refrain from requesting a stability certificate for the same billboard again.
5) Officials from the Skysign and License department should not insist on completing documents beyond those specified in the Maharashtra Municipal Corporations (Regulation and Control of the Display of Sky-signs and Advertisement) Rules, 2022.
6) Employees in the Skysign and License department working in the same office for more than 3 years should be immediately transferred to prevent corruption.
7) Inspection of advertisement boards in Pune city should be conducted jointly with Municipal Structural Engineers and hoarding owners. Any identified errors will be promptly corrected by advertisers.

Overall, the letter emphasizes the need for fair treatment and cooperation between the PMC and hoarding license holders to ensure the safety and legality of advertisement structures in Pune.