Smartphone Safety: Protect your smartphone from damage, don’t make these mistakes even in the summer, learn how to keep it safe.

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New Delhi, 19th APril 2024: During the summer, the issue of smartphones overheating often troubles many users. Even expensive phones can start heating up during this period. Sometimes, the phone may even stop functioning due to overheating. In such situations, users need to be extra cautious and avoid certain mistakes. Here are some handy tips for ensuring smartphone safety:

Overheating is not an uncommon problem for smartphones. Continuous usage for several hours can lead to this issue. However, this problem is more pronounced during the summer season. Just a few hours of continuous usage can cause the phone to heat up. Sometimes, due to overheating, the phone may shut down, giving it a chance to cool down upon restarting.

If you want to avoid the problem of overheating in the summers, you should pay attention to some specific things. This will help your phone perform optimally and function properly.

Avoid keeping it in your pocket: To keep your smartphone safe from overheating, avoid keeping it in your pocket, as pockets tend to get hot. Instead, you can keep the phone in a bag.

Limit excessive usage: Overheating often occurs due to continuous usage for extended hours. To ensure the safety of your phone, it’s better not to use it excessively. Switching off the phone for some time can significantly reduce overheating issues.

Avoid direct sunlight exposure: Avoid placing your phone in areas with intense heat, especially direct sunlight. Exposure to strong sunlight can affect the phone’s hardware, which may lead to battery issues.

Turn on Airplane Mode: If your smartphone overheats, immediately stop using it and turn on Airplane Mode. Place it in a cool place to allow it to cool down. In overheating situations, it’s advisable to stop gaming or heavy tasks altogether.