SND Limited observes National Safety Week

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· Operation & Maintenance team participated in Weeklong event
· Staff took oath of ‘Pledge for Safety’ while attending their duties.

Nagpur, March 9, 2018: SND Limited, the distribution franchisee for more than three-fourths of urban Nagpur, recently observed the National Safety Week at its offices across the city. The objective of this activity was to reemphasize the need of following best practices on ‘safety at workplace’.

Staff members from operations and maintenance team of the utility were the main participants during this week-long activity. It may be noted that it is this set of people which works in close proximity of power supply infrastructure.

As per call of their duty, there arises a continued need for education and revision of safety norms to ensure safety and security of manpower, citizens and infrastructure alike. As a part of this activity, senior members of the team addressed the technicians and line staff which executes various activities. Teams were provided information on modern-day safety modules and practices from across the world. As a part of the event, teams at various offices also took the ‘Pledge for Safety’ where they took oath to follow all safety norms while attending their duties.

As a responsible organization, SNDL understands the need to ensure implementation of best practices, safety being the topmost. It sincerely cares for safety and security of its staff and customers who are backbone for the organization. Such awareness campaigns work act as refresher course for team members and thus add value to consumer satisfaction.

It is important to note that National Safety Week was initiated by National Safety Council and is celebrated in India by various organizations working in risk-prone environment. It is celebrated every year with the objective of enhancing safety awareness among people, especially the executive staff. It is a national movement carried out on annual basis to prevent, and lessen the loss of life, including various human fatalities and financial loss by providing them safety, health and environment related support services.