Special Drive in Cases of Adverse Police Verification for Passport Application

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Pune : Some Passports are issued on the basis of post police verification (i.e passport is issued first and police verification happens afterwards).lt is observed that after receiving the passport, applicants often ignore police verification or miss it as they go out of country. lt is the responsibility of the applicant to get cleared his police enquiry.

A Special Drive has been undertaken by the Regional Passport Office, Pune to send Show Cause Notices to passport holders whose police verification has been received as ‘not recommended’ ( Adverse). The adverse police recommendation could be for several reasons like applicant was not available for police inquiry, passport applicant gave false information, court case pending etc.

After taking passport holder’s response and after checking the details in the computer system the police inquiry is reinitiated and some cases where blatant suppression of information is detected then strict action like i) imposition of financial penalty or ii) cancellation of passport or iii) lodging of FIR or all the three actions may be taken taken.

Adverse police report in the computer system can lead to passport holder facing problems at some inopportune moment- eg- if passport holder loses passport in foreign country then Indian Embassy there cannot issue him passport easily because his police report in the computer system is adverse. Hence it is better to have the papers cleared. An additional counter at the inquiry window to help the people who have received the show cause notice has been opened at Senapati Road Passport Office.