State transport to start Petrol Pumps for The General Public

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Pune August 18, 2020: The Maharashtra State Road Transport Corporation (MSRTC or simply ST) soon to start petrol and diesel pumps for the general public. State Transport Minister Anil Parab informed after a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) was recently signed between ST corporation and Indian Oil Corporation in presence of Anil Parab.


According to the MoU, petrol-diesel pumps will be started at 30 places and LNG pumps (liquefied natural gas) at 5 places in the vacant space of ST Corporation in the state in the future. The petrol-diesel pump/LNG pump will be constructed by Indian Oil and will be operated by ST Corporation.


“In the wake of the Corona epidemic, ST is losing thousands of crores of revenue from passenger tickets, which are its main source of revenue. In such a situation, ST has started looking for alternative sources of income. In this, mainly activities like freight are getting a good response from all levels. Commercial production has also started from the tire replacement project. Along with many such sources of income, petrol-diesel/LNG has been made available to the general public in collaboration with Indian Oil at ST open spaces in various parts of the state. Pumps are to be erected. This sale will create a stable source of permanent income for the ST Corporation”, said Minister Parab.


The meeting was attended by the Vice President and Managing Director of ST Corporation Shekhar Channe and senior officials of ST along with Indian Oil’s Maharashtra head Amitabh Akhvairi, General Manager Rajesh Jadhav along with senior officers were present.