StudioWerks: Pune’s Iconic Studio Inaugurated By TV Celebrity Karan Grover And Choreographer Hanif Hilal At Royal Heritage Mall

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Mohammadwadi, 30 August 2021: Puneites will soon get to learn professional dance training and play various music services under one roof. A versatile combination of the music studio, dance studio, Karaoke Setup, and Music Classes will now be available to Punekars under one roof.

StudioWerks, a one-stop destination for dance and music activities, was inaugurated by TV celebrity Karan Grover and renowned choreographer and actor Hanif Hilal on Saturday. The first branch of StudioWerks has opened at the Royal Heritage Mall, NIBM Road.

“Had such a platform been in existence 15-20 years ago, I would have been a better singer and dancer”, Karan Grover said.

Advising budding artists, he said, “Research whichever art you are interested in on YouTube or physical studios like StudioWerks. There are many people who will guide you.”

Jehangir Dorabjee, Vishal Arora, Anil Kakade, Narendra Chavan, Mahesh Mishra and many more were present for the inauguration ceremony.

Speaking on the occasion, Vishal Arora of StudioWerks said, “Music was proved to be like medicine during the Covid-19 pandemic as it gave me a lot of peace. Keeping the same purpose in our minds, Jehangir Dorabjee and I decided to bring in the concept of One-Stop Music and Dance destination.”

Hanif Hilal said that StudioWerks will shape the career of many budding artists.

Dorabjee Heritage Mall owner Jehangir Dorabjee, who spearheaded the ambitious initiative, told, “Singing and Dance has kept us happy and energetic during depressing times. We supported this studio where people can enjoy and party here. This is like a social activity and the mall actively supports such people-centric social activities. We had gone to a friend’s place to record and the idea germinated. When we have the necessary space and resources, we decided to take it forward positively. We will add more courses on dancing, singing, choreography, editing etc and will accommodate new ideas. We will focus on training the talent and take help from premier institutes like FTII to groom young talented individuals in Pune. This studio is the celebration of life with the spirit of positivity, love and happiness.”

Arora further informed, “StudioWerks will have two sections namely Dance Studio and Music Studio in its 1st Phase. Dance forms like Hip Hop, Contemporary, Zumba, Bollywood, etc. will be taught by trained and experienced instructors in the dance studio. In addition to that, there will also be dance workshops from celebrity dance choreographers once a month. In the future, lessons on Indian classical dance will also be introduced.

The music studio has two sections. One is a playback setup and the other is Karaoke setup. Playback setup can be used to record songs professionally. Recordings for movie songs, cover versions and albums will be possible in the Playback setup. Apart from that, newcomers and enthusiasts will also be able to record their songs here. The Karaoke setup set can be used for small musical events, Karaoke kitty parties, or corporate events.”

He added, “We have all tie ups with live musicians and have a complete setup for artists management and live shows. In the 2nd phase, StudioWerks will be launching the acting and film making courses which will also be one of a kind full-fledged courses.”

Dorabjee Heritage Mall located in the upscale Mohammadwadi-NIBM road area is one of the most attractive destinations for shoppers across the city. The mall has emerged as a major centre of cultural and commercial activity for different cross-sections of the society under the dynamic and visionary leadership of its owner Jehangir Dorabjee who has taken painstaking efforts for its success.