‘Sugar and Spice and Everything that’s not so nice’ authored by G. Ramachandran combines vision and purpose

Sugar and Spice and Everything that’s not so nice
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Pune, 10th December 2021: The recently released book “Sugar and Spice and Everything that’s not so nice’’ by G Ramachandran, has a universal appeal and relevance for the corporate world. Ramachandran depicts with candour the various facets of entrepreneurial nuances. 

Acknowledged as a serial start-up entrepreneur of 15 start-ups, he unfolds and lays bare, all that a business venture entails. The ups and downs, the highs and lows are all delineated in detail. This book is penned with the vision of facilitating the strong ray of reality to penetrate through the cloud of unrealistic expectations and prepare budding entrepreneurs for start-ups. 

He re-lives his personal experiences, his trials, his tribulations and also recounts his successes through engaging anecdotes. In his conversationalist and relatable style, he bonds with the reader and leads them on the path of success as a mentor and guide would, without being instructional or judgemental.  

Ramachandran’s sector-agnostic insight equips new startup owners and entrepreneurs with established companies too to pause, reflect and infuse new perspectives and wisdom into their daily work style, which becomes imperative in a technology-driven world. This he says, drawing from his own experience will work wonders professionally for them. One extremely pertinent and unique aspect that he stresses is for the entrepreneur to have a “detached attachment” with their start-ups. 

After elucidating his vision for entrepreneurs which he is optimistic will work as a guiding force for them, the author embarks on his sense of purpose. Ramachandran has identified and shortlisted NGO’s and social organizations that support acid attack victims who are in a miserable condition marred physically and emotionally, with no livelihood. He will be donating the entire sales proceeds from his books to acid attack victims and hopes that this noble cause will receive the right impetus from his book that aims to be a pertinent knowledge-sharing platform.

This book has been edited by Dr Shabnam Asthana, an Internationally acclaimed professional, successful entrepreneur, motivational speaker and author. Dr Shabnam Asthana opines that “If you as an entrepreneur have dreams and visions to make a mark in the corporate and business world through your ventures, this book will be your road map to navigate the challenging topography and guide you most definitely to destination success.”

Book link for reference:

Sugar and Spice and Everything that’s Not So Nice: A Serial Entrepreneur’s Journey of Start-ups! https://www.amazon.in/dp/8184306415/ref=cm_sw_r_wa_apan_glt_fabc_YRW0HHCZW701BRA70ASE