Surge in New Investor Registrations on National Stock Exchange Hits 1 Crore in Eight Months, Most People From North India

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New Delhi, 29th September 2023: The National Stock Exchange (NSE), a leading stock market index, has announced that new investor registrations have soared, reaching 1 crore in just the last eight months. This surge brings the total number of investors on the platform to over 8 crore.

Geographic Diversity in New Registrations

Contrary to popular belief that stock market participation is limited to major cities, NSE revealed that 45% of these new investors come from cities outside the top 100 urban centers in India.

Unique PAN Investors and Households

The 8 crore unique PAN investors correspond to roughly 5 crore unique households across India. Approximately 17% of these households are directly investing in the Indian stock market through NSE’s extensive nationwide network of trading members.

Regional Breakdown of New Investors

Most of the new investors are from North India, accounting for 43%, followed by 27% from the West, 17% from the South, and 13% from the East. Specifically, 7% of new investors are from the Delhi NCR region, trailed by Mumbai (Thane/Raigarh) at 4.6% and Pune at 1.7%.

NSE’s Impressive Returns

The Nifty 50 index has delivered an annualized return of 22.66% over the past three years, while the Nifty 500 index has seen an annualized return of 25% in the same period.

Historical Trends in New Registrations

According to NSE data, there have been 76 lakh new investor registrations in the first six months of the current financial year alone. For context, the number of new investor registrations was 1.3 crore in FY23, 1.9 crore in FY22, and 0.90 crore in FY21.